Updated Web Hosting Name Servers

As part of our system migration we have released new name servers for our web hosting customer to use for their domain names.

If you manage your own domain name, please update your name servers to the following information. To know which server your domain is hosted on, login to your cPanel account and look for the server name on the left hand side. It can take 12-24 hours for the new name servers to be reflected on your domain name.

For users on server Monaco

  • Old Name Servers:
    • ns1.rrwds.com
    • ns2.rrwds.com
  • New Name Servers:
    • ns5.rustechhosting.com
    • ns6.rustechhosting.com

For users on server Ravens

  • Old Name Servers:
    • ns1.rrwds.org
    • ns2.rrwds.org
  • New Name Servers:
    • ns3.rustechhosting.com
    • ns4.rustechhosting.com

Users on other servers besides the ones listed above are already using updated name servers and you will not have to change them.